DII Member Benefits

Why Join DII?

DII is comprised of large, medium and small businesses working in a variety of industries doing business with the federal government.  Joining DII provides the opportunity to actively collaborate with nearly 80 companies involved in government contracting to continuously improve our companies’ ethical cultures.  Network with more than 300 individual company representatives to share best practices and ensure that your company’s ethics and compliance program supports the delivery of high quality products and services to government customers with the highest standards of integrity. 

Membership Benefits

DII membership provides a number of benefits including:

  • Engagement with Federal Stakeholders and Government Officials – DII has congenial and working relationships with a number of government agencies, providing DII members regular opportunities to communicate with government officials on federal stakeholder expectations and industry efforts to continually improve ethics and compliance programs.
  • Direct Access to Ethics and Compliance Practitioners and Experts – DII members can directly engage with peers in the ethics and compliance community to benchmark and learn from fellow professionals.
  • Participation in DII’s Best Practices Forum – DII members come together annually to share best practices, learn from one another, and elevate our industry’s standards.  The Best Practices Forum is open to government attendees and ethics practitioners from member companies.
  • Development of Useful Resources to Enhance Compliance – DII member companies share best practices and experiences to develop compliance-related resources.  Recent examples of such resources include the Small Business Toolkit, which provides a wide range of templates for small businesses to develop individualized ethics and compliance programs, and the Supplier Code of Conduct, which outlines DII members’ ethical expectations for their suppliers.
  • Access to Webinars – DII’s quarterly webinars provide periodic training on a variety of topics, including small business issues and revolving door issues when hiring government and military personnel.

Best Practices Forum (BPF)
June 2017

To Join DII

The primary requirements for membership are:

  • CEO commitment that the prospective member company will abide by the DII Principles
  • Support of DII initiatives by assigning a primary and secondary company representative and paying an annual fee that is assessed on a sliding scale based on company revenue 
  • Approval by the DII’s Working Group (representatives of Steering Committee member companies)


Total Company Revenues Annual Assessment
Above $20 billion $20,000
$5 billion to $20 billion $10,000
$1 billion to $5 billion $6,000
$100 million to $1 billion $3,000
$100 million or less $1,000

To get more information about joining DII, please use the ‘Contact DII’ button in upper right hand corner of screen.  When your company is ready to become a member, please complete DII's online membership application.


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