About DII

Who We Are

The DII is nonpartisan and non-profit organization comprised of representatives from nearly 80 member companies, primarily from the aerospace and defense industry, with the mission to promote and advance a culture of ethical conduct in every company that provides products and services through government contracting.

What We Do

The DII engages with federal stakeholders and government officials to identify their concerns then collectively organizes and applies its resources to assist with addressing those concerns. This is accomplished through the development of tools, sharing of best practices, and mentoring of member companies to establish and improve business ethics and compliance programs for those that perform government contracting.

Our History

In 1985, to address allegations of widespread fraud, criminal misconduct, and government mismanagement within the defense acquisition process, President Reagan appointed the “The President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management” to recommend reforms.

In its February 1986 Interim Report, the Packard Commission observed that waste, fraud, and abuse had eroded the public’s confidence in the defense industry and the Defense Department. The Commission urged defense contractors to improve the defense acquisition process through greater self-governance.

In response, 18 of the nation’s top defense companies voluntarily created the DII and drafted 5 core principles. The first chair of the DII Steering Committee was Jack Welch of General Electric. By July 1986, 32 major defense contractors had pledged to adopt the DII principles.

Our Principles

We serve our government customers by meeting the highest standards of ethics. The CEOs of every DII member company have committed their organizations to abiding by DII’s core principles. Our members commit to honesty in all business dealings, protecting taxpayer resources, and providing high-quality products and services for the various U.S. government customers in which we serve.

Download DII Principles (PDF)

Commitment to DII's Mission

Tom Arseneault
Chair, DII Steering Committee
President & Chief Executive Officer
BAE Systems, Inc