DII "Hot Topics" Discussion

When:  Jun 30, 2020 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)

Thank you for those members who joined our first or second COVID-19 Best Practice Call. We are now pivoting the series to be more inclusive of other hot topics, such as how to handle issues around political discourse that occurs in the workplace, or that disrupt the work environment, which is what our next call will cover. Our goal is to use this call as an opportunity to share best practices and to brainstorm ideas on how our industry is navigating the many nuances we have been facing as a result of the global pandemic. We welcome anyone from your organization to attend the call.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • Communications using company resources
    • Banners or fliers in the workplace
    • Social media postings on company-run social media
    • Political statements in signature blocks
  • Communications using personal resources but are visible in the workplace
    • Attire (t-shirts, mugs, face-masks, hats)
    • Bumper stickers on cars in the company parking lot
  • Personal social media activity
    • What if a person’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile includes a reference to the company?
    • What if there is no mention of the company, but the social media activity disrupts the workplace
  • Thresholds
    • How do you determine if behavior is disruptive?
    • How do you identify the severity of disruptiveness and align it to decisions regarding the appropriate corrective action?

We would encourage you to discuss internally and come to the call prepared with questions or any input you received. If you would like to propose any additional topics of discussion for the upcoming call, please let us know by end of day Monday, June 29.

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